Coach Charters from Banksia Tours

Banksia Tours operate local and long distance group charters both within SA and Australia Wide, and will organise to pick you up and drop you as you require.

Charters are when the group only requires the use of the coach for transport, and any other details are usually prearranged by them.

Our trips and tours range from half day, full day, overnight, long weekends away and 3-6 day through to extended interstate 7-21 day holidays, but we are more than happy to fit in with your particular requirements.

Banksia Tours are delighted to help you organise your trip and all its details and to let you access our expertise and knowledge.

We can offer the right advice on where to stay, trip times, outings, venues and special events to make your trip or tour a success. 

Common interest groups find Banksia Tours a great resource for planning their trips. Some of these interests include

      • flowers and plants
      • bird watching
      • dancing or marching
      • fishing
      • gems and minerals
      • geology
      • history
      • bushwalking
      • bowling
      • motor cross and BMX
      • sports
      • canoeing
      • snow skiing
      • camping & safari
      • car racing
      • weddings 

Our Mercedes and Volvo coaches are quiet, clean and reliable, with seating available up to 48 passengers.

Contact Banksia Tours for quotes and planning advice for your next function.





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