Banksia Tours' Travel Club

What is the Banksia Tours' Travel Club?

The travel club is made up of individuals who are interested in travelling as a  group by comfortable touring coach, to see the sights and visit venues and attractions within SA and Australia wide. This is done with a wide range of options from day trips through to extended holidays, and information regarding these outings are regularly updated and distributed to members who are then able to choose a tour to suit themselves. Members can have input with ideas and suggestions for upcoming tours and as an individual, receive the advantage of  group prices, with lower prices being passed on to them. Where possible, members are picked up at or near their home, or at a central location nearby as is arranged individually. Smaller groups who are unable to obtain "numbers" can also take advantage of the club, saving on the organising hassles, and ensuring their trip viability.           

Who can belong  to it?

Any person wanting the opportunity to choose from a variety of monthly Mystery Trips, Day Tours, Weekends Away, 3-5day Tours and Extended Holidays, both locally and around Australia, travelling and enjoying the comradeship and security with others who have a  similar interest and outlook on life. Most of our members are over 50's, seniors and retirees, but we do have younger members who still work and take their " holidays" with us. Our members tend to be easy going and happy, keen to enjoy the friendship and company of others along with the experience of the outing or tour. 


How can  I join?

Join by contacting us on 8380 5588 and supplying your required details or email us at ? Currently there is no joining fee.

What is in the Newsletter?

Our regular newsletters allow members to keep in touch with our planned touring program. Occassionally special promotions and "freebees" are available. Opportunities exist for members to have input into the trips and newsletters, and these and other benefits become available once you become a member.


 Where does a Member Outing take Me?

MYSTERY TRIPS operate up to 160km from Adelaide and the destination is kept secret until members find that they are "there". Set up for budget touring, the cost is for the coach only with a complimentary morning tea, while lunch can be brought from home, but we ensure that we are near where lunch can be obtained. We invariably travel to a different place each time. 

DAY TOURS can travel up to 250km from Adelaide and operate to a specific itinerary as a package, with interesting driver commentary, morning tea, lunch and entertainment or entrance fees included in one all inclusive price. 

QUICK TRIPS are 2 or 3 days with overnight accommodation up to 400km from Adelaide. Designed for budget touring, these trips include daily morning tea, accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals, taking in the available sights and points of interest along the way. Usually there are no entrance fees included as touring is the main objective, and our travel to an area is different to our return so that you get to see as much as possible with a "round trip".

3-6 DAY TOURS operate up to 750 km from Adelaide, mostly stay overnight at the same motel on that particular tour, and are costed as a package to include commentary, most morning teas, entrance fees, accommodation and meals. It is our policy not to travel over the same roads on any particular tour unless absolutely neccessary, so that passengers get to see as much of the country as possible. Popular tours include The Riverland, Port Lincoln, Whale Watching at The Head of The Bight, Arkaroola and the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Mount Gambier and the South East, The Grampians, Broken Hill, Mildura/Swan Hill/ the Sunrasia District,Bright and the Victorian Alpine Area, Melbourne and The Mornington Peninsula 

7 - 21 DAY TOURS can travel to anywhere in Australia, and the options are countless. Again these tours operate as a package to include everything as stated in the itinerary. Because of the distances involved in these trips and the requirement to be on the move, several nights will be one night stays, but others will be between 2 and 4 night stays, allowing a break from moving all the time. Popular tours include the Red Centre, Canberra, Sydney and the Blue Mountains, The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, Tasmania





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