Coaches at Banksia Tours

At Banksia Tours we provide comfortable, quiet, smooth and reliable Mercedes and Volvo coaches to help your time on board pass quickly and enjoyably. Our coaches have:

  • cloth reclining seats
  • heating and refrigerated air conditioning
  • reading lamps
  • curtains
  • rest room
  • underfloor luggage compartments
  • public address system with  radio, tape, CD, video and DVD

With Express operations, the group generally is limited for time or have a requirement to cover a long distance as quickly and as safely as possible.

When travelling for longer than 12 hours, 2 drivers are required to operate over the longer distance to ensure that our nation wide regulations are met. For this we utilise a regulation "sleeper bunk" at the rear of the coach to enable us to cover the distance safely, with one driver able to rest and sleep, while the other is at the wheel.

Our regulations also set the legal maximum speed limit for coaches on the open road at 100km per hour and we must abide by this or suffer very heavy penalties.

Generally speaking, if we are able to travel at 100kph most of the time, then with limited stops of half an hours duration every 3 - 4 hours, our average distance covered will be 80km every hour. A distance of  1,500 km (Adelaide to Sydney or Alice Springs) will  take under 20 hours, pending traffic and weather conditions and the actual time spent for rest breaks. 

Of course, travelling for this length of time often means that we must travel through the night, requiring the drivers to be most alert, especially for native animals and wandering stock that are very common on our Australian roads.

Passengers are able to relax and sleep, confident in the knowledge that they are in safe hands with alert and rested drivers.

Our on board rest room can allow us to cover longer distances between breaks if required, and most passengers feel at ease knowing that this facility is available if they need it.   



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