About Banksia Tours

Banksia Tours is a  family business which was established in 1984. Our hands on experience covers all aspects of the coach tour and charter operations for individuals and groups.

Banksia Tours provide a range of coach services from;

  • simple movements and special functions across town, to a full day trip.
  • an organised day tour including tourist attractions and meals, to a weekend or a number of days away.
  • a quick trip to the country or interstate, to a fully organised extended tour, including accommodation, meals, attractions and touring.
  • a simple overnight camping trip to a fully self contained and catered safari tour to the Flinders Ranges, Red Centre, Top End, Queensland, NSW or Outback Australia.
  • a weekend away in the snow fields, to a full ski holiday of 5-7 days.

With our very comprehensive experience accumulated over 30 years, Banksia Tours have done most trips and know how it should be done best for you. We

  • know our vehicles, the roads and changing conditions, and always have your safety and satisfaction paramount.
  • have  safe, comfortable, reliable and well maintained coaches.
  • give very good value for money and clients find our prices comfortable.

Many of Banksia Tours satisfied clients have remarked on the high standard of these tours and have made known their belief that these tours are equal to, or better than similar tours they have done with upmarket companies.

Being a small business, operating  just northeast of the Adelaide metroploitan area at Houghton, Banksia Tours have less overheads, which they pass on to you.

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